My First Exhibition

The first public exhibition of my art work – Anu Darpan was held at Gallery G in Bangalore from 21st to 27th of May 2008.

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The Planning

We started planning for this exhibition since November/December 2007.

My sister and brother searched many galleries on internet and in December we showed my painting in different galleries, many of them liked my work. Everything finally worked out best with GalleryG. Me, my sister and brother got this arranged by showing my work in GalleryG. They also liked my paintings and then told us about their rules, conditions and gave us the perfect date. They also told us about all other things required to do for this exhibition.

The date of the exhibition was set from 21st of May to 27th of May 2008. As we were told by the gallery owners, we deigned and printed invitation cards for exhibition. They distributed the invitation cards to people they knew would be interested in such an exhibition. We also sent the e-invitation cards via e-mail to all the people we knew and to the gallery folks so that they could also send the cards where they wanted to send.

By the end of April 2008, everything was set for my first exhibition. For exhibition we decided to exhibit 35 paintings. we framed those paintings at home two days before the exhibition was going to begin. Exhibition was scheduled on 21st from 11:00am to 6:00pm and rest of the 6 days from 10:00am to 6:00pm.


Paintings Displayed

 FramedThumbnailTitleMedium & Description
1An Ideal Woman (sold)(Pencil sketch on paper)

In this sketch I have tried to depict an ideal woman, the kind you will find only in India. This ideal woman is a perfect woman in every sense; she is dutifully dedicated to every relation and every task that comes her way.
2A Parrot, Symbol of Colorful Life (sold)(Oil pastel crayons and water color on paper)

I want to show all the beautiful colors of nature in this painting of a colorful Parrot sitting on a branch of a tree, enjoying nature. I have experimented with two types of colors in this painting.
3Pink Roses on a Grid (sold)(Poster color on paper)

I love Roses a lot, so I made this painting to express the beauty in unity through this bunch of roses.
4Lord Ganesha (sold)(Acrylic color on handmade paper)

This is a painting of Lord Ganesha. This world of ours is thought to be created by the great Gods & Goddesses we believe in. So I made this painting of Lord Ganesha to show his greatness…
5Pink Roses (sold)(Water color on paper)

I love Roses and pink is my favorite color. This painting shows a beautiful combination of the two.
6A Smiling Pair of Roses (sold)(Poster color and water color on paper)

I have painted this pair of pink roses with ribbon to make the day happy and fresh for everybody.
7Dazzling Lily (sold)(Water Color Pencil & Poster Color on paper)

In general, people think that black is not good color. This beautiful combination of a red Lily on black background shows that black in not a bad color at all, it is beautiful.
8Orange Roses(Water color on paper)

Another one in my series of roses – Orange roses on an almost orange background...
9A Scene near a Window (sold)(Water color on paper)

In this painting I want to show that even though flowers are sometimes kept indoors, they try to feel and gaze at nature outdoors - for they are part of nature and belong with it.
10A Bird (sold)(Water color on paper)

A bird relaxing on a dry branch of a tree - Nature’s greenery is soothing…
11Sweetness of Childhood(Pencil sketch on paper)

This is a sketch of a sweet little boy playing with a ball. I want to show the sweetness of childhood in this drawing…
12The place of my dreams (sold)(Water color on paper)

A hut on the serene hill side with red roses growing right outside - Surely feels like the place of my dreams…
13An Indian Potter(Pencil sketch on paper)

This is a scene of a village in India. Here I have tried to show how hard a poor family of a pot maker works the whole day to earn some money. The family is together in the hard work - this keeps them strong…
14Beauty of dry flowers(Water color on paper)

This painting shows that flowers always look beautiful, whether they are dried or fresh.
15Goddess Saraswati(Acrylic color on handmade paper)

In India, Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the Goddess of learning and music. I have tried to pay my respects to her by making this painting.
16Mother Teresa (sold)(Pencil sketch on paper)

This is a portrait of Mother Teresa. For me, she has always been the ideal woman – not only of India but of the whole world. I made this sketch to pay my respects to her.
17Rejuvenating the Day(Water color on paper)

I have drawn these pink Morning Glories to bring their freshness in everyone’s life.
18Energetic Bowl(Water color on handmade paper)

This is a painting of a bowl filled with fresh fruits showing that we should eat fruits to feel fresh and to get the energy that appears to be emanating from this bowl.
19Dreaming of Heaven (sold)(Water color on handmade paper)

This is a pigeon perched on a very high branch of a tree close the fluffy clouds – this is showing the pigeon dreaming of being in heaven…
20 Study of Perspective(Water color on paper)

A study of perspective under the beautiful cloudy sky...
21The Beauty of Nature (sold)(Acrylic color on canvas)

In this painting I have tried to show the beauty of nature during spring. The beautiful moon appears to be peeking from between the branches of a tree to stare at this beauty…
22Through the window(Water color on handmade paper)

Here I want to show the beauty of an orange flower seen through a window...
23An experiment in Peepal leaves (sold)An experiment in Peepal leaves (Water color pencil & glass paint on canvas)

In this painting I want to show the beauty of new leaves of a Peepal tree. I have experimented with two different types of colors to enhance this beauty.
24A Beautiful Sea Shore (sold)(Acrylic color on canvas)

Everyone wants to sit near a sea shore. This painting shows a bird also enjoying itself, eating a fruit near a sea shore like humans…
25Human in a trap(Acrylic color on canvas)

This painting shows that we should not trap birds in a cage for it hurts them and if we do this, then one day birds can also trap us in a cage.
However human beings try to be happy under every circumstance and that’s why this girl is happy even in a cage…
26A walk in nature(Oil pastel crayons and acrylic color on paper)

Through this drawing, I want to show the beauty of a horse enjoying nature – you can almost see the smile on the horse’s face. This is an experiment with Oil pastel crayons combined with Acrylic colors.
27Care and Protection in a family (sold)(Acrylic color on canvas)

This painting is of a scene where birds are protecting their home and family. This shows the care and protection in a family…
28Smiles in the Sky(Water color on handmade paper)

I used the smiles of the some famous actresses whom I like to show happiness everywhere - in the sky and in the air.

You can take some time to guess who these smiles belong to :)…
29Red Tulips(Water color on paper)

Beautiful red Tulips on the backdrop of the blue sky…
30A Tea Stall in India (sold)A Tea Stall in India (Water color on paper)

In this painting, I want to show unity in diversity – a unique feature of India. Only in India you can find people of all religions, languages - sitting and talking to each other at any shop or tea stall…
31Another Rose - Closer(Water color on paper)

As I love roses a lot, here I have tried to show details of one as seen in a very close view…
32Sweet Pink Rose (sold)(Water color on paper)

In this painting, I have tried to show the beauty of a rose combined with a sweet smile of a baby in the middle - to bring a smile on everyone’s lips.
33Hardships in a Desert (sold)(Acrylic color on canvas)

Here I want to show the hard life of people in a desert where there is no water and people have to bring water from very far places in a very hot weather without any modern means of travel.
34Lord Ganesha in a happy mood (sold)(Poster color on paper)

Here I have tried to show Load Ganesha’s happy form.
35Wings of Fire (sold)(Glass painting)

In this painting, I want to show that like this airplane is fighting with fire and coming out it undefeated, we should also persistently fight with every problem in life and try to come out of it victorious…

Other Works

Media Coverage

Dreams Unbound” – An article in The Times of India on 18th May 2008.

In a whirl of colour” – An article in The Hindu on 3rd June 2008.


Experiences & Learnings

 The First Day: Inauguration and Workshop

My exhibition was inaugurated by Shri Sudarshan K. Maini, the chairman of Maini Group of Industries. At the inauguration, I met many people from various social circles of Bangalore. It was an interesting experience.

After the inauguration, I conducted a workshop for children. We thought about 12 children would come, as we had set the registration limit to that, but then 25 children turned up, this was quite unexpected to me and was a lot of fun! I really enjoy spending time with children and teaching them.

All the people were excited to meet me and to see my work. It was a lot of fun!


Two days before the exhibition started I had a interview, photo session with Times Of India. Here’s the link to the article they published about me. The on the first day I had one interview and photo session with The Hindu Newspaper (here’s the article published in The Hindu) and another with a local TV of Bangalore (Kasthuri TV). Kasthuri TV aired their program about me on Kasthuri TV. The whole thing was an interesting experience. I was completely tired by the end of the day, but very excited about everything.

The Weekdays vs Weekends

As expected the weekdays were a little slower than the weekends. But fun none the less. There was cute aquarium in the gallery with bunch of colorful fishes. I took some photos and videos.


All the people were excited to meet me and to see my work. Many of them asked a lot of questions about my paintings and it was fun discussing and talking about that. I also got some very valueable feedback.

The most surprising thing which happened was that I exhibited 35 paintings and out of the 35, 21 were sold and most of the best ones were sold on the first day. So during my first exhibition these strange things happened which made me feel very surprised and happy.

During and after this first exhibition, I had some very interesting, unique and different types of experiences. I found what people think about me and work. I also learnt how to communicate with different type of people and much more. It was a very fun and thoroughly learning experience all in all.




Video of GalleryG during my exhibition


  • suneeti gupta

    Hatts off Anu ! keep it up :)

    • Thank you..Suneeti Aunty ji for for comment and wishes :)

  • Pratyush

    Congratulations Anu for the success of the exhibition and thanks for sharing the wonderful work with us… Hope to see more art work from you in the future !!!