How Do I ?

Hello Again :)

Most of the things around me are not designed such that I can use them easily. However, I have discovered ways to use things and get things done myself. And I keep doing this everyday, with new stuff.
Here, I have put up a couple of my pictures and videos that show how I get some of my everyday things done. It may be a little surprise to you, but they are totally normal to me :)

The other day, it was sunny outside and I was writing a little…



I recently made a large painting on canvas. Because, it was larger than any of the paintings I have ever done, I did it in parts. I worked on this one for quite a few days. Initially, I had setup the canvas board on a stand, but then it was going out of my reach. So, I made a makeshift canvas holder by placing it on cardboard cartons and holding it against the tea table.

Canvas - Castle
Live - Teracotta - 1
Live - Teracotta - 3
Live - Teracotta - 2
Also, see me making a terracotta art-piece. Guess, what is the whole thing made of? Check it out here.


I don’t facebook a lot, but you know, how do I meet you if I don’t facebook? :)


Commuting on Indian roads is unfortunately very difficult for me. First, because roads are crowded and traffic is usually uncontrolled and second, because there are virtually no pedestrian/wheelchair friendly lanes. However, in a place like Kharagpur, my electric wheelchair is good to an extent. It doesn’t go too fast, but has controls that make it easy for me to drive and go to stores near by or visit someone in vicinity.

Well, this is how I do some of the things, let me know if you’d like to know more and I’ll get back. Till then, do check out the other pages on my website.

  • Hi Anu,

    Nice knowing about you and wishing you all the good wishes.


  • doesn’t matter

    you are one talented artist! this is fab work and i sincerely wish that we continue to see great art coming from you; not because you are differently-abled , but because of the grit you have.

    Way to go girl!

  • Raja Sravan

    Thats an Amazing work Anu… Wish you success in all the future endeavors… Its very inspiring and motivating to see the brilliant work that you have done… :)

  • priya mallick

    no words for you or m nt so i said beautiful people nt just happen..i feel lucky to hav you.always keep active n keep smiling.:)

  • benazir

    Life can teach us a lot and we learn a lot in
    the process of living…..but learning to live comes from watching
    someone like you Anu….hats off!!! u just rock gal….HUGS..:) Hope to see u in person soon…..Benazir

    • anujain1

      How are you?
      I am sorry for giving late reply.
      Thank you so much for visiting my website.
      And also thank you for such a nice words for me and my work :)
      Yes I also like to meet you because I heard a lot about you from my sister.

      Take care..

  • Anu u r great n talented.Yr paintings r wonderful. I salute yr willpower.always keep smiling.

    • abhajain

      Thank you so much Nalini Aunty ji for visiting my work.
      I am happy to get comment from you.

      Thank you for your good wishes :)

    • anujain1

      Namaste Nalini Aunty ji,
      Thank much for visiting my website.
      And also thank you for your lovely wishes :)

      I am happy to get your love for me :)

  • sheena


    • abhajain

      Thank you..

    • anujain1

      Thank you…Sheena :)

  • anu i thnk u r totally awesum n i love ur paintings..truly talented..all da bst fr evrtythn :)

    • anujain1

      Thank you.. Sana for visiting my website and for your lovely wishes :)

  • charlie bhaiya

    I feel so proud .

    • anujain1

      Thank you..Charlie Bhaiya :)

  • Himu

    Hi Anu, I am visiting your website after quite a few months and with my surprise I found a totally new looking site of you. I must tell, your new site is much more interactive and better. So, thanks to you for giving us an opportunity to know you and your amazing talent in a more better way. Please carry on your superb works and I am sure, your all admirers including me will love to see you achieving all your desired success. Truly you are a rare talent and we all feel proud of you. Be happy and keep smiling. .

  • Vijay Prasad Patnaik

    you are a 8th wonder , really iam big fan of you

  • Vijay Prasad Patnaik

    Hi Anuji

    I am big fan of your wonderful art

  • Anil Shanmugam

    Hi Anu,
    Are your still into your art work! Hope you are. Love your work, keep up the great work! Thank God for the wonderful sister you have :)

  • Aditi Sadhoo

    Hats Off to you dear Anu

  • Sreenik

    Anu, you are such an inspiration! Great artwork. Have you tried creating artwork using a Surface and Fresh Paint application? I will send an email to Abha.

  • Parnasree Maiti

    Hats off to you Anu….you have made all of us from Kgp campus proud ! :-)

  • AMit ShaRma

    Hello Anu…you are amazing in art n creativity! i feel so proud of you and get motivated a lot. you know.. i wanted to do many things which i actually want to do but somewhere i have bounded myself in a weak zone. office , job, family, future, money, stress, expectations, emotion …these things are my weak point. i never get time for myself. but you…you just a great inspiration for me.. may be i ll start a new beginning

  • prem reddy

    Amazing and Inspiring..Sister:)

  • Peace has no chance now

    Excellent work! I was kind of hoping I could someone buy some of it. All the best!

  • Pushpa Bhatnagar

    Anu.I love your smile.keep smiling.I would love to be your friend.

  • Martine Dellard

    How can we buy your work, And?

  • Martine Dellard

    How can we buy your work, Anu?

  • John Audie

    You are an inspiration. I am overwhelmed just seeing your work.