One of the best days ever

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Date 21st September 2013 is now added in the list of days with some of my best moments of life. It was a great day which I can never forget. This was one of those days I would never have dreamt of. I am still so happy that I want to share this experience with everyone and would love to do that any number of times.

I am talking about my first stage experience which I had yesterday. It was the day when I attended a musical program, got my first memento on stage in front of a good crowd and a few notable persons (the memento was presented by the Registrar Mrs. Shobha Koser and Secretary Shri. Sejal Koser of Pracheen Kala Kendra), I was interviewed by a media person, got a huge applause and cheers and also I gave my first stage speech in English which was appreciated a lot by my family as well as everyone else who was there.

My memento

My memento

This was a day when for the first time I didn’t feel low or odd being part of a crowd of more than a hundred unknown people. I also had my first lucky experience of watching a live performance from famous musicians.

Me on Stage PKK

This pic was taken while I was speaking on the stage :)

This experience made me feel positive and gave me a lot of strength and the desire to work harder for achieving my dreams. First and foremost, I want to thank my family, then my teachers Sharmila Roy, Shri. Prahlad Banerjee, Mrs. Shobha Koser and Shri. Sejal Koser of Pracheen Kala Kendra who helped and encouraged me and because of all of them I had such a special day in my life!


I recently got hold of the video of the program. Here’s when I was on the stage:

  • Ankur

    Maja aa gaya hoga Anu. Yeh toh mast vali event ho gayi, wish you having so much more like this and you keep passing milestones. Basically those moments which u can remember forever.

    • Hello Ankur,
      Thank you for your wonderful words for my success and work.
      And also thank you for such a lovely wishes.
      I will try to keep doing things like this in the future.

  • Akanksha Gupta

    Wow! Congratulations Anu di :) You always make us proud. Way to go!

    • Hey.. Akanksha, Thank you for your lovely comment and appreciating my work.

  • Kiran

    Try karti raho safalta milti rahegi.very good