Pretty Bougainvillea

Pretty Bougainvillea

Pretty Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea flowers looking pretty in the wind. The petals of the flower seem like they are made of delicate, soft paper. This contrast of soft pink flowers and delicate green leaves was looking very pretty swaying in the breeze one evening, out came the hand-made paper and paints and here is the result :).

  • Teena

    Anu this is such a beautiful painting, just amazing. It looks so natural!

    • Thank you..Teena.I am to hear that my Still life painting is looking natural :)

  • ZL

    This is by far my favourite of everything you have done.
    I think pastel water colours are your forte.. :-)

  • neeraj

    This work of yours is lovely. It looks like a beautiful memory.

    • Anu

      Thank you so much Neeraj for your lovely words. Yes, it is among my beautiful memories of my old place :)

    • Thank you so much Neeraj! Yes, this indeed brings back beautiful memories of my old home :)