Sudha Murthy- An inspirational woman

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20 June 2014 was a very special day for me. It was a day when my two year old wish came true. It was a day when I met my idol and teacher Ms. Sudha Murthy. She is a computer science engineer, chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, an Indian social worker, a great author and a member of public health care initiatives of the Gates Foundation, among many other things. My Mother and I became fan of her through her fabulously written story books and novels. I have mentioned her as my idol and a teacher because I have learnt from her books what life is, what is necessary in life to do and above all, her books helped me improve my English. Her books are written in simple English and in a way that everyone can read and understand. Every book and novel she has written is based on her life and experiences.


With Sudha Murthy – the founder of Infosys Foundation, a brilliant author and much more

I took the first step towards fulfilling this wish of mine by writing an email to Ms. Murthy expressing my wish. She accepted it and gave me an appointment for 20th June. We went to the Infosys Foundation office to meet her. Before meeting her I was feeling nervous but when I first saw her and started the conversation, I found her a very simple, quiet and loving person. We did not feel like we were meeting an unknown person and instead it felt like we knew her for a long time. The way she talked with us it felt like she had a great treasure of life experiences and there will always be a lot to learn from her. I liked two of her lovely teachings  a lot, one is that it is not important in life how educated you are or how many degrees you have, what matters is how good a person you are and how many good things you have learnt from your own and others’ experiences. Second is that one should have a hardcore thirst and willingness of learning things and achieving what you want because without these two things one cannot get success in life. She said to me that I should always keep up my thirst of learning and meet more people and learn as much I can from their life experiences. She said that she liked my positivity and smiling nature. She also wrote to someone who conducts art exhibitions to setup one for me and that she would sponsor it! I will always remember those 45 minutes given by her to us. I had a great and unforgettable experience from this meeting with Ms. Sudha Murthy.

  • Sudhirkumar Barai

    Great Anu ! We will wait this space for more exciting and inspirational story from you !

    • Thank you so much Barai Uncle ji for your good words :)
      I will always try to do that.