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Done with GED :)

Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Blogging | 18 comments

Three exams were left and I had one month in hand. It was like a do or die situation. It was the first time in my life when I had little time but a big load. I am talking about my GED exams.

GED stands for General Education Development, which is administered by educational authorities in the USA. GED tests are a group of five subject tests namely Mathematics, Science, English Reading, Social Studies and English Writing. When students qualify, it certifies that they have American or Canadian high school-level academic skills.

In the queue of challenges of my life until the recent past, first were the three subjects of GED namely English Reading, Social Studies and English Writing; second was my desire of achieving an educational certificate and third one was receiving a certificate which must be equivalent of class ten and twelve standard that would enable me to appear in the 6th and 7th level of Pracheen Kala Kendra Art certification exams. These were the hurdles, which I needed to cross by the end of year 2013 as the pattern of GED was going to be changed and I would have to appear for all the five exams again.

Qualifying these three subjects was a big challenge for me because they were mainly based on American context and secondly I could not get any schooling or good teachers which greatly affected my way of studying and learning. If I would’nt have cleared any subject among those three then I would have only one more chance for appearing in GED this year. This was the first time I was going under great pressure. After forgetting everything, I fully concentrated on my studies and worked very hard continuously for six months and the most during last one month. My exams started on 3rd of June and ended on 17th June,2013. That did not bring an end to my tensions as I got the results of two exams but the result of last exam was left. That was the one, which was going to decide my future. At the end of last exam I was not sure about my result and I had set my mind to give one more exam in September. My result was supposed to come five days later, i.e. after 17th but it was very surprising that the result came just after three days. Moreover, the most surprising thing was that I successfully qualified GED and I got my highest marks in English writing. It was the most relaxing and surprising day of my life. For two days it was very difficult for me to convince myself to believe that I had successfully completed the GED.

GED Certificate

GED Certificate

Now I am happier because I got my official GED certificate from USA :) However, now after completing GED I am confused regarding what should I do next? Let’s see what is going to be my next story.

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