Wall Painting – reaching a new height, literally :)

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Wall Painting

The wall Painting

This is my first wall painting and one of my biggest projects, so far.
I call it a big project because it was interesting, difficult and time taking. It almost took one month’s hard work for completion.
I decided doing this painting on the wall of my balcony because it was in bad shape due to some repair work that was done a couple of days back and I was not getting anyone who could repair and paint it again.
So, when I was not able to find an option to fix the wall, I decided to assign myself a project of doing a wall painting on that balcony wall.
In the beginning it wasn’t easy for me because of the large area to paint and height of the wall (which was beyond my reach). I needed to draw a large design, needed a tall chair or a table so that I could reach the necessary height, huge quantity of paints and importantly I needed to think how to paint the wall such that it looked good.
After analysing these things I started my work by painting the background wall by experimenting mixtures of different combinations of things. I tried a mixture of white color Fabric paint, white chalk, powder of Selkhadi(Alabaster/Soap rock) and Indigo and mixed them in an electric mixer. In the beginning, I had thought of painting background completely with white Fabric Paint but my bottles of paint broke and I couldn’t find more in the nearby market so I thought of trying this mixture.

How it actually looks on the wall

How it actually looks on the wall

After finishing the background by climbing on a tall chair and tying a brush to a long tree stick. Then it was time to draw the design on a the wall. For that, I drew the design on a tracing-paper and with the tracing technique traced it on the wall with a carbon-paper and also drew some parts with a pencil by climbing on a chair.
And at last I did the main part – painting it with acrylic and fabric paints of eleven colors – red, orange, leaf green, sky blue, purple, yellow, dark-brown, yellow ocher, deep green and crimson by sitting on ground, climbing on a wooden chair and table, as needed.
It was a great experience and fun way of utilizing time :) I was satisfied after completing my work.

It was gratifying to see an electrician (who had come for some electrical repairs) wait patiently until I completed my art before he could photograph it. I got some nice comments from people who saw it and four invites of doing wall painting in their houses.

  • Ankur

    jab mera ghar hoga, agar hua toh, aur apne ghar men bhi banana…bohot sahi hai…

    • Thank you Ankur.Haan bilkul i’m always ready tumhare ghar mein banane ke liye :)

  • reenu

    good work….. looks really nice

    • Thank you very much..Reenu Didi :)